Christmas Letter 2015

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Hackmans!  2015 has been an exciting, busy year for us.  We enjoyed visits with extended Nussbaum family in PA and Ohio.    Daniel turned 18 and the girls turned 16.  It seems the pace of life has quickened as the kids get closer to being “grown up”.  Where did the time go?

Daniel is a senior at Christopher Dock.  He continues to love math and science.  He enjoys video games and piano.  Daniel is co-captain of Dock’s varsity bowling team.  His summer job was on Dock’s cleaning crew.  This year has meant college visits and lots of thinking about the future!  He enjoyed Touring Choir last year, and looks forward to another season this spring.

Hannah is in 10th grade at Dock.  She loves to draw and read.  She continues flute lessons, and had her first recital.  She enjoyed a band trip to Harrisonburg, VA in June.  Hannah and Daniel were both in Dock’s production of The Pirates of Penzance this fall.

Heidi is in 10th grade at Dock.  She loves writing, drawing and reading.  Heidi’s poem got second place in the Arts Day competition.  Heidi enjoyed a summer writer’s camp at West Chester University.  She, Hannah and Rose were all on the sophomore Philly field trip with Jeff who teaches US History.

Hannah and Heidi both enjoy “fangirling” over Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, etc. and playing with their guinea pigs.  This year we added a big, fluffy cat to our household: Sherlock.

Rose continues to excel amidst the challenges of being mother, wife and career woman.  She continues as part-time congregational coordinator at Towamencin Mennonite Church.  Rose enjoys volunteering at the Care and Share Thrift Store and Plains Mennonite Church.

Jeff is enjoying his 14th year of teaching at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School.  Teaching freshmen for the first time was a stretching experience.  Jeff served on Plains’ 250th anniversary committee, and is a member of the board of MHEP.  He enjoys genealogical research, astronomy and photography.  He continues teaching adult Sunday school classes at Plains.

We look forward to reading emails or letters from many of you this Advent.  We hope you have a blessed Christmas, and we wish you a wondrous 2016!  While times may be tough in light of war, economic uncertainty and other problems, we strive to let our faith in God’s provision grow.

Now, may the Almighty bless you from God’s exceeding abundance of mercy, love and grace.  May God equip us to serve one another.  Now, and throughout the New Year, let us share the bounty of God with our neighbors—both near and far!

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